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If SG Election 2015 was a movie…

September 14 0 Comments Category: Election

Scotland is Potong Pasir Any of the GRC or SMC could have been Scotland because it exude the same crappy feeling. Granted that some of the candidates were not up to par, but how come the lost was across the country? What happen to our people champion Mr Low and Dr Chee? I couldn’t be […]

Going to the 2015 polls

September 10 0 Comments Category: Election

I actually want to write a proper article about Singapore 2015 General Election like how I did previously in 2011. But I had a hectic family day so I’m was just shooting my mouth whenever I get the chance. My apologies for the grammar etc. if it even made sense to you. APHTEC – is […]

What Abah is thinking before voting in General Election 2011

May 06 0 Comments Category: Election

To my kids. Back in 2011, we had one of the fiercest general election Singapore had ever seen. Well fierce in a couple of areas at least. No physical fighting though. The quality of the opposing candidates was credible and for the first time, our prime minister said sorry! Mr George Yeo, who was the […]

General Election 2011 Manifesto

April 28 0 Comments Category: Election

I told my wife that I want to be involve in GE 2011. She looked at me at the corner of her eye. Then I said that I will join PKMS because possibility of joining is higher. She stared harder. So I guess I wont join this year’s GE then. No matter, since every party […]