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Put screen on top of videos – youtube, megavideos

July 18 0 Comments Category: Videos

The reason for youtube and megavideos videos on top, is because of the z-index attribute. In order to have your div on top, add this to the style. “z-index:9”. Ex. <div style=”z-index:9″>

Changing the Full Post Content to an Excerpt

June 30 0 Comments Category: Wordpress

Some wordpress themes display the full content on the main page. So to change it to show just excerpt of articles, edit the appropriate template files with the built-in Theme Editor (Presentation > Theme Editor) or any text editor and search for the_content() and change it to the_excerpt(). By default, WordPress shows only the first […]

Photoshop action greyed out

June 22 0 Comments Category: Photoshop

I had wanted to set New Action in photoshop but realised that it was greyed out. So to get it un-greyed, make sure click or uncheck the Button mode at the top.