S11 Dormitory Duty

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So Im into two weeks of reservist-voluntary dormitory duty. Its been a challenging and at times draining. Importantly it has been a fulfilling experience. To be able to offer my services and add to the thin manpower. Yes they called it reservist but its voluntary. You know right, one will think twice (or ten) times before agreeing to this. I didnt know I was posted to S11 till later. Can imagine how big my eyes were but I took it in my stride. Who else can they send but only the best.

Im suppose to end my duty but along with two other fellow officers from the same division decided to extend and we are in this for another two more week in S11. Another in JTF has extended. Im proud of our men.


My last shift was on the 7th of May. It ended quite hot-tempered within the dorm. I was breaking my fast when a fellow FAST colleague who was in the compound to oversee food distribution hailed distress signal requesting assistance from APO in block 6F. The message read that the break fast food for Muslims was spoiled, one of the operator had tested the food and confirmed that it was spoiled. Knowing that food is a main cause of tension, I suited up – N95 mask, gloves and face-shield, and went in.

Upon my arrival, I saw a long queue between blocks 6G and 6F. The dorm operators were handing out bread, apples and mangoes. My enquiries to the ICs revealed that about 3 of the workers complained that the food was spoiled. And as always, if there was an unhappiness, word will spread and the whole lot will come down.

They lined up orderly, but it looked to me that some were re-queueing. I told one of the operator so.

…will continue

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