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How much fat does 45 min gym burns

October 02 0 Comments Category: My Weight Loss Story

Here I am posting two occassions where I hit the gym. Simple small condo gym where rarely there are people using the equipment. So I have the weights and machines all to myself. No waiting for my turn. I will do the normal 3 sets of 8 reps. If set is heavy, I will still […]

How much fat does a 45 minute run burns

September 15 0 Comments Category: My Weight Loss Story

For this second test, I did a run. Since I was going to the beach with the kids, I thought I take the opportunity. Running like any other exercise is mentally challenging. In my first km, after exhausting my immediate energy, thats when I start to breath heavily, my butt, belly and love handles would […]

How much fat does 45 minute skipping burn?

September 10 0 Comments Category: My Weight Loss Story

So before I start growing moobs, again, I decided to get back to my exercise regime after a couple of failed starts. Long story that one. I also wanted to know for a fact how much fat is really burned while doing different exercises. I’ve read differing numbers in terms of burned calories. Plus my […]

My Weight Loss Story : 90kg

July 04 0 Comments Category: My Weight Loss Story

So I finally got my watch as promised by Men’s Health after being featured in the magazine’s 2013 January edition. Its nice looking but the silver strap is not to my liking. I am still deciding what to do with it. Anyone interested in buying can write to me or submit a comment. My weight […]