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Husbandering advise 101

February 17 0 Comments Category: Aida Jailani, Barber

So im nursing a bruised hand (actually wife is nursing it). I was making poach egg for my daughter Adina Sufya. Long story short, the egg burst and the hot water splashes out of the cup and onto my hands. It got worse as the day goes by. Small blisters and by day end, it […]

Life and times of Adina Sufya

January 25 0 Comments Category: Adina

Adina Sufya, I had a lot written on my iphone5 notes while u were growing up. Unfortunately, Ive lost all the stuff i wrote about u in the last 2 and a half years. The things u did, words u say because my iphone 5 went into water and it got shorted when i tried […]

Somehow they learn…

In the lift at 0702 hrs today. Daughter : Abah, today game or training? Me : Game. Daughter : nationals? Me : Yes. Second round starts this week. Daughter : Who u playing against? Me : Today Wellington… Daughter : [wide eyed – very expressive] You playing Wellington New Zealand??? At this juncture, daddy was […]

From that fateful day…

June 10 0 Comments Category: Anniversary

I have Amirul, Amira and Adina today. Must be fated that because of that day, I have a family of my own today. Who would have known. I wouldnt have known then. All I saw was this pretty, olive oyl looking girl strutting into the hall with a basket in her hands. Your hair was […]