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From that fateful day…

kidsI have Amirul, Amira and Adina today. Must be fated that because of that day, I have a family of my own today. Who would have known. I wouldnt have known then.

All I saw was this pretty, olive oyl looking girl strutting into the hall with a basket in her hands. Your hair was knotted nicely and wearing something I cant describe – due to lack of the female fashion style name. You sat a couple of rows in front of me. Took out a book and read. Macam betul aje pompuan ni. But ah, I cant get my eyes off you.

Once in a while you looked up and look around but you didnt see me. What the hell! I was trying to get your attention but you buat derk. But right behind you was an elderly man. “Bapak dia agaknya.”

My turn came and soon left the hall. You still didnt look at me. I told myself that I wish we were in the same school. And my wish came true…

Sayang, 20 years ago i was in the hall sitting staring at you, today, im sitting typing this with Adina on my lap, and blood clotting my right leg.

I love you…

As I get nostalgic, I have to include this. I am glad I married you because Im happy that Bak is my father-in-law.

A random conversation in the kitchen today. Setting the scene. Me at the basin washing stuff. Bak walk slowly behind me.

Bak : Kedai gunting bukak ke tak agaknya.

Me looking puzzled while washing…

Me : Bukak Bak.

Because there was no reason why Pak Abu would not open unless he is on holiday or sick himself or someone he knows passed away.

Bak looking out the window…

Bak : Eh kerja si orang saman ni nari. Hari buruh pun kerja.

Me looking wide eyed at the kitchen tiles…

Me : Hari buruh? Hari buruh kan first of May.

Bak : First of May? Bukan nari first of May?

Me : Bak, nari 10 June.

Bak : Hmmpphh macam mana bak ingat ini first of May. Abih budak budak dah tutup sekolah?

Me : Ah ah bak

Bak : Padan ah dorang tak pergi sekolah…

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