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Somehow they learn…

In the lift at 0702 hrs today. Daughter : Abah, today game or training? Me : Game. Daughter : nationals? Me : Yes. Second round starts this week. Daughter : Who u playing against? Me : Today Wellington… Daughter : [wide eyed – very expressive] You playing Wellington New Zealand??? At this juncture, daddy was […]

Amira Adele

February 23 0 Comments Category: Conversations with Amira

Eh Abah, you listening to this song again. Last night I heard this song playing. I thought it was Baijan. I told him “Shhhh” because you were sleeping. Then I saw you flipping the phone and the song played. After that I dont care anymore. You know Adele sang this song. And you know that […]

Disgusted Amira

Abah : So Tok Chu sent you yesterday? Amira : Yes, but I was late! (Looking disgusted) Abah : Late?? How come? You guys left early. (Looking flabbergasted) Amira : At home right, she was looking at her watch and said 11.30. Ok Mira lets go. Then she tell me to be faster. So I […]

School and Gang

Go school Abah! Mira : Abah, you must go to hairdressing school? Abah : Why? Mira : So when Ummi not home, you can tie my hair straight. Not like this, senget to the side. ???!!!!!! Mira : Also you can learn to shampoo my hair… Little Darlings Amira : Abah, Miss Tay call me […]