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Lesson on reproduction

Amirul : Abah, today I learnt about reproduction. Darn! Is it time for the birds and the bees? Can do it in four years time? Ok how do I get out of this? Abah : Ok. Amirul : Abah you know the two squishy things there? Darn! He didnt get my subtle “ok” which means […]

Another lesson on growing up

Amirul : Abah, I had by immunisation shots just now. Abah : How was it? Amirul : OK, just that my left arm a little numb. Its weak. I cant lift it and I cant feel it. Abah : It will wear off. Shot on both arms? Amirul : Yah Abah : Then your right […]

School and Gang

Go school Abah! Mira : Abah, you must go to hairdressing school? Abah : Why? Mira : So when Ummi not home, you can tie my hair straight. Not like this, senget to the side. ???!!!!!! Mira : Also you can learn to shampoo my hair… Little Darlings Amira : Abah, Miss Tay call me […]

Kids say the darndest thing

Overheard on Monday morning : Mira : Ummi, you know, Tok Teh go jogging 5 in the morning. Ummi : mmmmm Mira : Then at 6 o’clock watch Korea. Win at all cost: Mirul : Abah, somebody scratch Mira. Abah : Where? Mira showed the gash on her arm. Abah went berserk! Abah : WHO? […]