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S11 Dormitory Duty

April 30 0 Comments Category: General

So Im into two weeks of reservist-voluntary dormitory duty. Its been a challenging and at times draining. Importantly it has been a fulfilling experience. To be able to offer my services and add to the thin manpower. Yes they called it reservist but its voluntary. You know right, one will think twice (or ten) times […]

Happy 16th Anniversary

January 29 0 Comments Category: General

Kids say the darndest thing

Overheard on Monday morning : Mira : Ummi, you know, Tok Teh go jogging 5 in the morning. Ummi : mmmmm Mira : Then at 6 o’clock watch Korea. Win at all cost: Mirul : Abah, somebody scratch Mira. Abah : Where? Mira showed the gash on her arm. Abah went berserk! Abah : WHO? […]


October 25 0 Comments Category: General

This has taken me a long time to write. If there was a thing that I fear most is regret.  Regret comes in many forms and Im sure most of us have experienced them. The regret I think of most are stuff I committed to my love ones especially mum and dad. In my daily […]