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Happy 16th Anniversary

January 29 0 Comments Category: General

Kids say the darndest thing

Overheard on Monday morning : Mira : Ummi, you know, Tok Teh go jogging 5 in the morning. Ummi : mmmmm Mira : Then at 6 o’clock watch Korea. Win at all cost: Mirul : Abah, somebody scratch Mira. Abah : Where? Mira showed the gash on her arm. Abah went berserk! Abah : WHO? […]


October 25 0 Comments Category: General

This has taken me a long time to write. If there was a thing that I fear most is regret.  Regret comes in many forms and Im sure most of us have experienced them. The regret I think of most are stuff I committed to my love ones especially mum and dad. In my daily […]

All I wanted was clipped toe nails…

August 05 0 Comments Category: General

Years ago, my lovely wife went about clipping my nails. She started with the fingers which was all fine and dandy. Then she went for the toes. As a muslim, there is a procedure to follow in cutting nails. For the toes, it starts with the small right one and work all the way to […]