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Kids say the darndest thing

Overheard on Monday morning :

Mira : Ummi, you know, Tok Teh go jogging 5 in the morning.
Ummi : mmmmm
Mira : Then at 6 o’clock watch Korea.

Win at all cost:

Mirul : Abah, somebody scratch Mira.
Abah : Where?

Mira showed the gash on her arm. Abah went berserk!

Mira : During PE.
Abah : What happened? You know who?
Mira : During PE, we were running. Someone accidentally scratch me. But I didnt see. Because I cant see. You see, I need to win right. So I didnt look.


Abah : You won?
Mira : Yes.

The advantage of being mamak – or being a mammal :

Amirul : Abah, just now recess, Rifki came over hugging himself.
Abah : mmmm
Amirul : I asked him what happened. He said he was cold. Then he asked me whether I was cold.
Abah : What did you say?
Amirul : I said no, because I have hair on my body.

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