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Another lesson on growing up

Amirul : Abah, I had by immunisation shots just now.

Abah : How was it?

Amirul : OK, just that my left arm a little numb. Its weak. I cant lift it and I cant feel it.

Abah : It will wear off. Shot on both arms?

Amirul : Yah

Abah : Then your right arm ok?

Amirul : Yes

Abah : What were the shots for?

Amirul : Rubella i think. But they said its for girls.

Abah : Then how come you got it? They thought you were a girl? (Dad trying to be funny.)

Amirul : Noooo. I dont know. Thats what I heard.

Abah : I think boys can have rubella shots as well. Its a common shot against rubella disease. (Hentam sahajalah!)

Amirul : Yah, something german…

Abah : German measles?

Amirul : Yes yes.

Ok I got back to being the all knowing. Feeling confident once again. There was a pause. Somehow I know there was something else coming.

Amirul : Then they check my private part!

Oh oh. Hmmmm…My mind was thinking how would they check? Flip it or what?

Amirul : And its a she that checked me! (with flailing arms)

Abah : That is embarassing.

Amirul : YAH! But it was for a second. She asked me to flip open my shorts and undies, took a look and that was it. (He showed me how it was done. IN THE CAR!)

Abah : Thats fast.

Amirul : Yeah. About a second like that.

Abah : What can they check in one second? (In my mind I was thinking are they checking whether you were a girl or boy.)

Amirul : Check for puberty.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Darn! Now my mind is thinking how does it look when its puberty.

Abah : Check for puberty? How to check for puberty? (I had to ask right?)

Amirul : See if got hair or not.


Abah : But they checked so fast. How to see?

Amirul : Yeah. If they really were to check it will take longer then 1 second. Anyway, it be too small for them to see.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why I get myself into this…And why must I ask the next question????

Abah : But I thought you already reach puberty with chest hair growing?

Amirul : Chest reach puberty, the rest havent.

Serves me right!

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  1. Ali, u r sooo funny!!! I cant help laughing to myself….will definitely show this to my son who will be getting his shot soon 🙂

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