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Disgusted Amira

Abah : So Tok Chu sent you yesterday?

Amira : Yes, but I was late! (Looking disgusted)

Abah : Late?? How come? You guys left early. (Looking flabbergasted)

Amira : At home right, she was looking at her watch and said 11.30. Ok Mira lets go. Then she tell me to be faster. So I faster faster got ready, salam and left.

Abah : Ok. So you should reach there on time. It doesnt take more than 30 minutes.

Amira : Yah but she said still got time, lets go to Clementi Mall. To take in the air con. (Looking annoyed)

Abah : You guys ate there?

Amira : Nope.

Abah : Then?

Amira : We just walk and walk. I said its time, but tok chu said still got time. They go here lah, there lah, go inside this shop lah, that shop lah. (Looking like Mak Nenek)

Abah : Bought anything?

Amira : Nothing. See this clothes, put back, see that clothes, put back. (Super annoyed)

Abah : And then?

Amira : Then Tok Chu saw the time and said that it was nearly 12.30pm. We quickly go to school. By the time I reach school, I scanned my fingerprint, I heard the primary 2, primary 3, primary 4, primary 5 and primary 6 arrive at the hall. Then I heard that they were singing the school song. That means the primary 1 has left the hall. (Looking deflated)

Abah : So you were late?

Amira : Yes I was. (Looking out of the window.)

Abah : You went to the hall?

Amira : Nope, the uncle told me to go here, go here to go straight to the class.

Abah : So next time, you ok if they were to send you again.

Amira : I will think about it. (Thoroughly disgusted by now)




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