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Husbandering advise 101

wife-nursing-meSo im nursing a bruised hand (actually wife is nursing it). I was making poach egg for my daughter Adina Sufya. Long story short, the egg burst and the hot water splashes out of the cup and onto my hands. It got worse as the day goes by. Small blisters and by day end, it got big about 2-3 inches according to doctor Yeo. He said that I had second degree burns. The hot water did splash onto my face but apart from a small mark in between my eyebrows, my face is fine. Phew! When it happened, on the 15th February, I texted my wife and said luckily Im married oredi. Actually I said she doesnt love me anymore because Im an elephant man now. Heh

The burn cause me to unable to sleep comfortably at night, more due to the fact that i cant sleep on my left than the pain or thought of it.

You know how you get from one thought and then it goes further to another and then to another – train of thoughts as we know it? So I was thinking how come I want to keep turning left.
I recalled asking my barber about the parting of my hair or why is it pressed or whatever la. His immediate reply was, “Isteri ko tidur sebelah mana?” (On which side does your wife sleeps?)
“Kiri,” was my reply. (Left)
He smiled and said, “Ko akan pusing mana bau isteri ko.” (You will turn where the smell of your wife is.)
Man, this man is brilliant. Simply brilliant. I told you guys before, my barber is like a guru, all-knowing
and an expert in almost anything.
What just hit me this morning was that, if left parting because she is on my left and right parting for the other, then center parting???
Anyway, for the last 17 years, she has been on my left. Simply because for her, good things are on the right. Ahem.
In conclusion, my advice to all husbands, those new ones, those who still got time to change, those still flexible to turn, to switch places often. So when shit happens, you are comfortable to feel crap either way.

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