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12 years in the making

November 23 0 Comments Category: Amirul, Exams

My son, it was 12 years in the making. Remember how u struggle to understand why I was hard on you. The struggle I had to be around each day to ensure all is well. It all came down to this day. The 2012 PSLE result was not what we expected but we should be […]

Amira : Abah, you happy?

November 15 0 Comments Category: Amira, Excellence

As always my love, as always… This is your classmate Christabelle Lee. She came in first for 2 years running. This year, Christabelle got Best in English as well as Best in Maths. I met her parents and they are down to earth. But Amira, you made me proud when you told me that you […]

Whats started out as a normal Whatsapp conversation…

June 20 0 Comments Category: Family

14th June 2012 Me : What time do I fetch you today? Wife : Not sure yet. Gotta go back office after SGH project meeting. U at Eunos? Me : Yes I am. No need to go to Jurong East so I will be here. Wife : OK. What followed was a shocking graphic (attached) […]


March 22 0 Comments Category: Anniversary

Baby, before you go on, wear ear/head phones. DAH PAKAI BELUM???? OK??? DAH??? OK GO!