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Happy 21st Bday Mr Brosnan!!

February 02 0 Comments Category: Birthday

At 11.50pm 1st February 2012, I went into the kitchen to stare at the sky, konon konon to look at the heavens but it was all red. So I decided to look at the cars below to soak in the last minutes of being 40 – like as if the cars will change the next […]

Happy birthday from Johnson, Nate, Mike and George.

November 12 0 Comments Category: Birthday

Dey, why you laugh? People from India wish you birthday also you laugh. Cheh! Anyway I also would like to put my fingers proper to wish you happy birthday my sayang. That picture is the only image I have of you. Happy 27th birthday. Oh about your gift? Ask George. He is more excited then […]

Amirul’s Box of a Present

October 12 0 Comments Category: Birthday

Present of Three Abs Amirul’s birthday present from the three Abs – Abang Wan, Abang Yan and Abang Epul. Ini hari je boleh main ah. Lepas exam boleh buka balik…NO NO NO. Tengok result dulu aaah. Adventure Game Michael Jackson – Beat It Present from Atta

Amirul’s 11th Birthday – Al-Miftah Performance

October 08 0 Comments Category: Birthday

Fantastic and tremendous performance by Al-Miftah Group…my daddy dearest group. Performed on Amirul’s 11th birthday on the 8th October 2011. Hosted by another daddy dearest Pak Busu – Sultan Ahmad Ismail – at his home. Me and wife hope everyone enjoyed the main show. It truly was a memorable day. SAMPAI BRAZIL PUN BOLEH DENGAR!!! […]