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Amira : Abah, you happy?

November 15 0 Comments Category: Amira, Excellence

As always my love, as always… This is your classmate Christabelle Lee. She came in first for 2 years running. This year, Christabelle got Best in English as well as Best in Maths. I met her parents and they are down to earth. But Amira, you made me proud when you told me that you […]

Ustad, pun Ustad ah!

November 20 0 Comments Category: Excellence

Amirul accepting madrasah awards for 2010 and 2011. That explains the multiple stickers on him.

Amira : Abah, are you proud of me?

November 17 0 Comments Category: Excellence

Higher than the sky, further than the sun, wider than space, deeper than the ocean. Extra Notes Amira : Abah, actually during rehearsal, they just mentioned “Amira Sufya Bte Ahmad”. Abah : Is it? Amira : Yes. So I told Ms Poon to add the name “ALI” at the end. Abah : Wah! Amira : […]