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Somehow they learn…

In the lift at 0702 hrs today. Daughter : Abah, today game or training? Me : Game. Daughter : nationals? Me : Yes. Second round starts this week. Daughter : Who u playing against? Me : Today Wellington… Daughter : [wide eyed – very expressive] You playing Wellington New Zealand??? At this juncture, daddy was […]

Amira : Abah, you happy?

November 15 0 Comments Category: Amira, Excellence

As always my love, as always… This is your classmate Christabelle Lee. She came in first for 2 years running. This year, Christabelle got Best in English as well as Best in Maths. I met her parents and they are down to earth. But Amira, you made me proud when you told me that you […]

Amira Adele

February 23 0 Comments Category: Conversations with Amira

Eh Abah, you listening to this song again. Last night I heard this song playing. I thought it was Baijan. I told him “Shhhh” because you were sleeping. Then I saw you flipping the phone and the song played. After that I dont care anymore. You know Adele sang this song. And you know that […]

Amira : I show you my dance can?

November 29 0 Comments Category: Participations

Amira Sufya showing me what she has learnt so far from her malay dance training in school. She says that they were told to prepare for SYF next year. I remember being involved in it main kompang during college days. Oh yes, she showed bak after that and bak says he also can do it. […]