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Amira : I show you my dance can?

November 29 0 Comments Category: Participations

Amira Sufya showing me what she has learnt so far from her malay dance training in school. She says that they were told to prepare for SYF next year. I remember being involved in it main kompang during college days. Oh yes, she showed bak after that and bak says he also can do it. […]

Amira Sufya’s Mother Tongue Fashion Show

September 16 0 Comments Category: Participations

So the day finally arrived. I wish you could see how excited you were. We had been training/practising for the last 3 days. We had to make sure you got the strut, stop, pose and turn correct. Especially the eyes and smile…also world peace. At 4.30pm, Abah was getting excited. I was constantly checking my […]

Amira practising for fashion parade

September 15 0 Comments Category: Participations

Amira is training to perform on the stage for mother tongue fashion parade to be held on the 16th September in her school.