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From that fateful day…

June 10 0 Comments Category: Anniversary

I have Amirul, Amira and Adina today. Must be fated that because of that day, I have a family of my own today. Who would have known. I wouldnt have known then. All I saw was this pretty, olive oyl looking girl strutting into the hall with a basket in her hands. Your hair was […]


March 22 0 Comments Category: Anniversary

Baby, before you go on, wear ear/head phones. DAH PAKAI BELUM???? OK??? DAH??? OK GO!

Selamat Aniversary!

February 01 0 Comments Category: Anniversary

It was the summer of 93 when I first saw you. The first girl I saw during registration in the school. Skinny, ponytailed, with a bag and book in tow. You looked like Olive Oyl. I tenung but you aksyen tak tengok. I even drove to the school. Itu pun you tak tengok. Aksyen. Nebermind […]

Bangun je tengok facebook!

January 28 0 Comments Category: Anniversary

Bangun je tengok facebook. Dah tahu punya. Dua belas tahun saya kahwin dengan awda. Saya sudah faham. Walau bagaimanapun, HAPPY 12th ANNIVERSARY to my dear Bora. No videos this year as last year’s video is still fresh. So rewind and watch that again. I make it easy for you, here is the link to our […]