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12 years in the making

November 23 0 Comments Category: Amirul, Exams

My son, it was 12 years in the making. Remember how u struggle to understand why I was hard on you. The struggle I had to be around each day to ensure all is well. It all came down to this day. The 2012 PSLE result was not what we expected but we should be […]

Lesson on reproduction

Amirul : Abah, today I learnt about reproduction. Darn! Is it time for the birds and the bees? Can do it in four years time? Ok how do I get out of this? Abah : Ok. Amirul : Abah you know the two squishy things there? Darn! He didnt get my subtle “ok” which means […]

Another lesson on growing up

Amirul : Abah, I had by immunisation shots just now. Abah : How was it? Amirul : OK, just that my left arm a little numb. Its weak. I cant lift it and I cant feel it. Abah : It will wear off. Shot on both arms? Amirul : Yah Abah : Then your right […]

School and Gang

Go school Abah! Mira : Abah, you must go to hairdressing school? Abah : Why? Mira : So when Ummi not home, you can tie my hair straight. Not like this, senget to the side. ???!!!!!! Mira : Also you can learn to shampoo my hair… Little Darlings Amira : Abah, Miss Tay call me […]