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October 28 0 Comments Category: iPhone and iPad Apps

Pocket Bus iphone app gameTap to build roads for the school bus to travel on. Build roads to pick up school kids along the way to get more points.

Simple game to play yet require some fast planning. See if you can move at the speed of thought. Sure, we allow you to stop the bus along the way. It will cost you some points though. How many stops can you afford???

In fact, we realize that this game may be hard for most. So we decided to remove a couple of features;

✔ objects on screen to allow you to tap build the roads anywhere you want
✔ fuel gauge so that you do not have to worry about topping the fuel while planning your route

*Sigh* It will be just too difficult for most to have to think and do 3 to 4 things simultaneously. So remember, you have to move fast else Game Over!

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