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If I were FAS President…

October 16 0 Comments Category: Singapore National Team

I read yesterday’s New Paper about “YOG stars losing their lustre” and “FAS must rescue gifted generation” to much despair. Its been barely 2 years after the YOG, after these guys showed great commitment and excitement to thrill the crowd. And some of us are waiting for them to age just enough to don the […]

Respect for Mr Khidir and Mr Kadir

October 11 0 Comments Category: Singapore National Team

A couple of weeks ago, my mum brought to me news that a family friend, Mr Khidir, passed away. She cried and my eyes welled. He was just 45. In a moment, flashes of him passed by me. The jokes and treats. Nothing more poignant than the memory of when he offered to take me […]