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Khatam Maulid @ Khadijah Mosque

February 06 0 Comments Category: Maulud

Last day of Maulid on 4th February 2012. As always, this is my favourite part of the Maulud. Must get my dad’s group to perform. I think will ask Pak Busu whether he wants to do kenduri for staying home for another 3 months.

Maulid 2011 @ Khadijah Mosque

February 12 0 Comments Category: Maulud

This is only a prelude of this year’s maulud. Its heartening enough to make one shed tears. On the 14th of February, I invite all to Khadijah Mosque. Maulud will start after maghrib, followed by Isyak and little syarahan. After that we feast! Come early to get into the air-con hall. Else you will be […]