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Plaid Hair : Abah PASS

When you were born, I made a vow that your hair will not be cut till you are at least 21. So it grew and at times become a talking point especially among the makciks.

“Eh eh lawanya” they will exclaim.
“Dari beranak, belum potong (Have not cut from birth)” I will at times chime in. You know, proud father.
“Makcik nak ah rambut macam gini. (I want my hair to be like this)”

“Abih apasal potong??? (Why you cut in the first place???)” of course I spoke under my breath.

At night, it becomes a real nightmare when you wake me up with your face and untied hair hangs over me. I love it all the same. One of the concerns we had was when you had to go to primary school. Hence, your hair has to be neat. I said we have to manage it somehow. So your mum decides that before she goes to work, she would tie your hair. This is usually 8.30-9am.

After three straight late nights culminating in the maulidur rasul last night at Khadijah Mosque, I told ummi to let you sleep in the morning. She was worried. I was too but you getting your sleep was more important. I have to manage this somehow. I told your mum so.

At 11am, I woke you up to get you bathe and get ready for school. Procrastinated a little and got you to prepare your school bag. Still am thinking how to cope with your hair. IDEA! I got you to pack your “hair equipments” like gel, comb, hair band etc. I went to call Teh.

Ring ring…ring ring…

SHES NOT HOME!!! MAN! Now I have to do it myself.

OK OK, dont panic. I on the laptop in a hope to find a lesson to plaiding hair. It was loading a tad slow. Hmmmm…

Ok I will give it a shot. After a couple of attempts and a few pointers from you, I manage to get it done.

Ok, left over right, center over left, right over center…hmmm senget…start back…left over center, right over left, center over right…hentam sahajalah!

Finally got it done. Little scrappy, but its neat. Wanted to take pictures of the procedures so that I could be of help to other dads. But no one was on hand to take pictures. My hands were entangled!!! Anyway here are the final pics. Cantik tak?

Amira Sufya plaid hairAmira Sufya plaid hair

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