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Pixar Animation Exhibition

So today i went to the Pixar Animation Exhibition at Singapore Science Center with the family. Had tickets to the show courtesy of brother-in-law. Paid $15 per kid though. I was anticipating a movie or a documentary with all the works.

To my disappointment it was more of pictures in frames adorning the walls; clay or urethane sumthing sculptures filling up the bare space in the middle of the walkway; text narration lined up the walls. As I read further, it became a glorified tribute to john lasseter – who is an American animator and director and the chief creative officer at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

There were a couple of multimedia showing; one is short clips of 3D animation done in the 80s; and another a wide screen which was to me the saviour of the show.

In this movie, i felt like i was immersed in the cartoon showing clips of nemo, incredibles, monster inc and cars. however its more of illustration then the actual clips of the movie. As it moves from one cartoon frame to another, the show was seamless. It was nice.

Overall the value of the show does not equate to the amount of money paid for. Should have spent to watch a movie instead.

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