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Titanic semi-final clash Germany vs Spain

This should have been the final. two exciting teams who passes the ball more often although germany does it in double quick time. germany will feel the lost of mueller. kroos may be able to provide the link up from midfield to attack. who knows he might also grab a couple of goals. oezil has been fantastic. he often left on his own. when u go through the german 11, its as though they have one too many players on the field.

spain are good passers of the ball. schwainsteiger will close down iniesta. still they have xavi and xabi. hopefully florente will play in torres place who has been all out of sorts. who knows if torres performs better as a sub. david villa will be a handful and would probably keep lahm in check. so germany may be down on another attacking option.

this will be tight, the tighter the defence, the clear the winner will become. the more i think germany can win it, the more i feel spain can wink it by virtue of their immense desire to win the world cup for the first time. moreover they are european holders. they probably would want to emulate france of 1998.

agst better judgement, spain 3 – 1 germany

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