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Primary School Soccer – Tactics for a primary school soccer match – Keeper and Defenders


Keeper has a tendency to be on the line. Even when the ball is at the other end of the field, they will stand in their own goal. They need to stand further up. Instruct them to stand on the 6 yard line when the ball is at the other end. This is important when playing on a turf field as the ball is faster. Even on the normal grass field, ball may get slower faster thus an opportunity for onrushing attackers.

When keeper has a drop ball, hold the ball first. Get them to count up to 4 seconds then kick. This will allow the outfield players to get into position. Some keepers are too eager and they kick before their team mates got into positions.

If the ball goes out behind the goal post, get them to take the ball instead of the outfield players. Outfield players would already be tired. If you get them to retrieve the ball, put it in place and then move into position, these will waste their energy unnecessary especially during a hot day.


If you are playing four at the back, tell them of their position. The left back and right back do not have to stand close to the bylines. It will leave to much space in the center. Advisable for them to use the penalty box as a guide. Similar for midfielders.

They must know that when defending, they must be in between goal post and opponent. They must be on the inside of the opponent.

When the ball is in the opponent’s half, and there is an opponent running around them, tell them not to worry about it. It will only tire them. Instead they should concentrate on the ball that will be kicked. Just be aware where the opponent is.

When their keeper or team mate is taking the goal kick, stand along the penalty box. This is to react to the ball in case it doesnt travel very far.

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