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Primary School Soccer – Preparation for a primary school soccer match

I have seen that there is a dearth of talented young, and i mean really young footballers out there. Unfortunately, there is a lack football coaches for this kids. A lot of opportunities to teach them the basics as well as understanding the game are wasted. As I watched my son’s school play each game, there has been no progress neither there has been correction of any unnecessary fouls like proper throw ins.

Hence, based on my experience in taking my team into leagues for years, I have decided to outline what I would suggest teachers should be doing to help this young boys, and perhaps girls later, to improve their game. A lot is in the mind and taking opportunity psychologically. With this, the team will have one leg up over the opponent.

Soccer warm up

Find a shade where ever possible especially during hot days. This is logical as heat will sap a lot out of their small bodies.

For warm ups, wear the school PE or other t-shirt first. I suggest to not wear the soccer jersey just yet as players will get them soaked in perspiration during warm-ups. Wear the jersey when they going to play so that it is not sticky and wet. A clean, dry jersey will feel comfortable on their body.

Do simple warm up to stretch their limbs. To get them to do shooting drills before a game will not translate to better shooting during the game. It will only tire them. Similarly, its advisable not to do pass and run routine.

Better to do monkey drills. Have 3 in there and each player get 2 touches.

Importantly must temper their enthusiasm. These are kids with abundance of energy. More often than not, they will run all out during the warm-ups for one, this is play. Secondly, they want to impress you so that they can play.

Ready for soccer match

Get everyone to assemble 10 minutes before the game starts. This is the time for players to cool down and drink plenty of water.

Get all of them to tie their boot laces twice. More often than not, a quarter will have their laces undone. There is no harm in helping them tie the boots laces. Be proactive. It is your team who will be perform in the end.

Announce the first 9 players and have them changed to their jerseys. Tell them their positions. Remind them what they are suppose to do during the game. Covers more in tactics in the next post.

If need be, get them to go toilet. Fill up their water bottles as well with the numerous water coolers available in schools these days.

Have plenty of water ready.

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