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Woman of the Moment

Nurul Huda AbdullahFor as long as I can remember, I have this woman of the moment thing where I would have a huge crush on a woman that I might come across in the papers or the telly or movies. If memory serves me right, the first one was Nurul Huda Abdullah, the former queen of Malaysian swimming. She is also the niece of our former President Wee Kim Wee, I think. This crush happened in the 80s while I was in secondary school. This is because I remember that I was still living at Commonweath Crescent. The crush was huge that I distinctly remember that on one Sunday morning, I was at the neighbour’s house reading about her in the papers and there was this huge photograph of her just coming out of the pool – with swimming cap on. After ensuring that no one was looking, I kissed her photo – carbon and all. (me making a squirmy face)

The in between Im not quite sure who I had huge crush on because I dun think anyone really stood out in memory although Heather Locklear and Jennifer Aniston came into mind. But I dont thing the crush I have on them was enough to displace Nurul Huda. Maybe there were the sisters from Feminin. I do fine them interesting, but I cant remember having any huge crush.

Siti NurhalizahThen one fine day, early 2000 or so, Siti Nurhaliza came along. The first time I heard about her was when I heard her song “Aku Cinta Padamu” during an expo in IMM. I quickly find out who the singer was because it had such a nice melody and the meaning was deep – jiwa jiwa ah kan. When I first saw her picture and then live on tv – with the help of the missus of course, I was stunned by her gorgeous looks and down to earth personality. We were in KL and was at one of the shopping centers. We found out that she would be there to promote her line of cosmetics. But the line got so long and the shop crowded that we couldnt even get a glance of her. No matter how much I jumped to look, I couldnt. I was really into her and wanted her to marry my brother in law. Then tragedy struck, SHE MARRIED DATUK K!!! I WAS MAD!!! REALLY MAD!!! So many young men and she married Datuk K. So I boycotted her songs, like that would matter to her right. But I quietly listen to a couple of her songs now and then. I dont think I can forget her ah kan.

Then there was Kris Dayanti. I love her flowing hair and of course she was gorgeous. And her song “Menghitung Hair” was mesmerising. However, that was enough to displace or replace Siti.

Linda OnnThen quickly as Siti Nurhalizah disappeared, another one came along – Linda Onn. I have seen her on and off but there was a period that she appeared on television for hosting and other talk shows. As I got engrossed by her, I was intrigued by her sultry look, personality, jovialness and quick wit. I was glad that my sister in law who was in KL one day, saw her and took a photo of her. My sister in law did make my crush known to her when she wanted to take the photo on the pretext that her brother in law “suka kat you” – like you. I saw the photo but didnt kiss this time as wife and sister in law was around. Acted very cool but all smiley. I didnt get to keep the photo though.

So Linda Onn was my last one, for a long time. Maybe 5 years. There was the transformer girl Megan Fox and then the lady who acted alongside Hugh Grant in four weddings and a funeral, the one with the British accent. They were a one off thing that was nice but didnt do enough to displace Linda Onn. There was also Julia Roberts that I came to love after watching Pretty Woman and Nottinghill. But Linda stood out.

Han Hyo JooFinally, this year, 2011, April the 7th, I found my new crush – Han Hyo Joo. After watching a few episodes of Brilliant Legacy – with the missus, her personality encapsulated me. Maybe more apt would be that I have a crush on the character, Ko Yeun Sung. But it is her who is able to bring that character out. Before her, there was the character Bora from Snow Queen, which was my first Korean movie. But Ko Yeun Sung was really overwhelming. So it is official then that Han Hyo Ju has taken over from Linda Onn. Thanks to my wife for “introducing” me to her and including the soundtracks into my iphone. Kamsa hamnida.

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