2QF : Uruguay vs Ghana

July 03 1 Comment Category: 2010 World Cup

Ghana was holding the torch for the whole of Africa. Among all the african teams, they were the likeliest to progress as they had a better teamwork attitude. Ghana can get better is they would be able to get Gyan to work with them instead of going for glory most of the time. In the […]

Group C & D

June 23 0 Comments Category: 2010 World Cup

England 1 – 0 Slovenia What a bunch of on the edge matches. Fantastic four games. In Group C, England somehow made it to Round 16 of World Cup 2010 off the shin of tottenham hotspurs Jermaine Defoe. In the other counter, USA made it by the skin of its teeth in the 92nd minute […]

Group D : Germany 4 – 0 Australia

June 13 0 Comments Category: 2010 World Cup

The match between Germany and Australia is the best match in this year’s edition of the FIFA World Cup. MY GOD THEY SCORED AGAIN THROUGH MULLER!!! The quartet of Podolski, Klose, Muller and turkish descent Mesut Ozil, tore Australia apart. Im very impressed with Ozil. Has the flair and intelligence. Mesut Ozil is a very […]