12 years in the making

November 23 0 Comments Category: Amirul, Exams

My son, it was 12 years in the making. Remember how u struggle to understand why I was hard on you. The struggle I had to be around each day to ensure all is well. It all came down to this day. The 2012 PSLE result was not what we expected but we should be […]

Merry February 2011 – Nurul Huda’s Wedding

March 02 0 Comments Category: Nurul Huda

Another one got wed this February. This time is Nurul Huda, cousin from Aunty Fauziah side. This was held on 26th February 2011, exactly two months after Nur Azizah. Although it will be a tough tough day, I enjoyed such weddings as it is a time for get together of all aunties and cousins. It […]

How I met your mother : Part 5

December 06 1 Comment Category: How I met your mother

It was during this time, that your mother and I flirted. In fact it was much earlier if I recall correctly. That time, 1994, we were both in school. Your mother was seeing another man, bleerrgghhh! She doesnt join my group much. She had her own group. Maybe she think she was elite than us. […]