Hard at work preparing for Azimah’s wedding

February 20 0 Comments Category: Nur Azimah

Very the blinding shimmering hantaranTengok Aunty Glamour! Asyik makan aje! heheheheheehe
Actually dia buat banyak kerja. You should see her on the actual day. Dah sakit kaki, terencut-encut pun tak mahu buka tumit tinggi. Next one, see how hard my wife work. 🙂 Lepas kerja lagi tau!

This one is a tribute to mum. Aiseyman! Tak boleh sampai her level. Dia dah atas majistret!

And the shoes. Look at how she prepare the shoes. Normally we would just put on dulang and tabur bunga. But she doesnt. Pokok krismas mana dia dah potong.

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