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Kranji Primary School FOX 2012 Game 3 : KPS 3 – 1 Vietnam C

Game 3 was played on a cool Friday morning unlike the scorching heat we experienced the previous day. Unfortunately the field was less to be desired. It was bumpy, patches and some parts the grass was uncut. And to make matters more difficult was that there were no lines and one of the goal post […]

Kranji Primary School FOX 2012 Game 2 : KPS 3 – 3 Vietnam B

This is Game 2 that was played at 2.30pm, under somewhat cooling heat as compared to the morning game. We met the same team we met earlier in the morning. However, some of the players were different. They did add a couple more older players. I take that as a complement. They had older players […]

Kranji Primary School FOX 2012 – Vietnam

Like the previous year, Kranji Primary School went on a Football Overseas Exchange (FOX) to Vietnam. As requested by the school, I joined the group of 20 players. We departed Singapore on the 30th May 2012 at about 1745hrs. Arrived in Ho Chin Minh city at 1930hrs. We headed straight for dinner. It was about […]