Lesson on reproduction

Amirul : Abah, today I learnt about reproduction. Darn! Is it time for the birds and the bees? Can do it in four years time? Ok how do I get out of this? Abah : Ok. Amirul : Abah you know the two squishy things there? Darn! He didnt get my subtle “ok” which means […]

School and Gang

Go school Abah! Mira : Abah, you must go to hairdressing school? Abah : Why? Mira : So when Ummi not home, you can tie my hair straight. Not like this, senget to the side. ???!!!!!! Mira : Also you can learn to shampoo my hair… Little Darlings Amira : Abah, Miss Tay call me […]

Why your teacher made Abah lose sleep

Yesterday, 25th January 2011, was a day for you to remember. A day for you to be a part of something that you had come prepared with hours of training, kickabout during recess and Sunday futsal with the big boys. You are no Fandi Ahmad, but you put in the effort and gave it a […]