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Kranji Primary School Football Exchange 2013 – Game 3 and 4 vs District 8

Game 3 first half was against a weak team. I sent out our juniors and they won 6-0. I miss taking the video of Razeeq’s first goal. Got some of the other goals where Hazif scored a couple. He really packed a shot.

Second half was against a better team. Our seniors lost the game 1-4. It was a much more composed and of better effort from their performance in Day 1. Special mention to Jasper who really put in a good shift. Aziz scored our goal off a free kick. Amirul did well as well coming out to get the ball off the strikers in the 6 yard box. One time he was overzealous and went up to the 18 yard box when there were several defenders in front. The opponent lobbed the ball above him. However, kudos to Mr Fadzli for drilling the moves for the keepers before the game.

Third half it was against a weak team again. I first sent out a strong team but withdrew few players. Wanted to give the low performers to develop confidence and improve techniques and skills. For some, it was a good opportunity while others didnt take the chance.

Game 4, juniors started out again. It was against a team of similar standard. We scored first but ended the game 1-1 after the opponents scored right at the end of the first half.

Second half started late as it rained for a while. However we manage to squeeze in 15mins of game thanks to Miss Ng our VP who allowed us to play. It was crucial that the boys do not fall sick. I sent out the seniors. Jasper once again did well. He was running along the lines, covering defenders and moving up to support. He was pressing the opponents as well. I awarded the medal to him because he was the only one to shine in both games.

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