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Quizizz to gamify your quizzes for your students


So I was on a course and the lecturer had us answering quizzes by using Kahoot.it. I was intrigued by it. Yes, at 49, it had my heart racing.

It got me thinking if I should use it for my own course. I had set up my own google classroom for my football eCCA content. In there, there are quizzes created with google form. Using kahoot as compared to google form was beyond doubt.

However, I wasn’t going to pay $20/month for 50 players as this was a small group and it is on every Friday. Perhaps if my pool was bigger – thus money better, I might just consider it. So I scoured the web and found Quizizz.com and its free.

Quizizz question

Your players will see the above colourful display with music to set them in a competitive mood. This beat answering the quiz in google form. Keyword is “answering” whereas in Quizizz, your students will be playing.

As they play, the would be able to see their status in the leaderboard. The scores work with ranking accuracy and time taken to answer the question.

They have power-ups which I allowed so that the players can use them if they want to double their score or retry a wrong answered question.

Quizizz Excel reporting
Excel reporting

At the end of the game, I downloaded the excel report that displays my players and how they fared for each question. This alone is a gem because it will show how much my student had understood what had been taught.

You can make your own quizzes and have it private or public. In public, teachers can use any of the quizzes as part of the students homework or revise in school.

I am very happy to have found Quizizz. Not only it is free, it perks up my teachings.

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