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How much fat does a 45 minute run burns

20140911-runkeeperFor this second test, I did a run. Since I was going to the beach with the kids, I thought I take the opportunity. Running like any other exercise is mentally challenging. In my first km, after exhausting my immediate energy, thats when I start to breath heavily, my butt, belly and love handles would tell me to stop and sit down. Im sure many of us experience this. Voices will say why the hell are you doing this?? Why dont you just sit down and enjoy the moment, eat a chocolate or two. Also I believe that those of us who do this not for the sport, running is really a lazy way of getting fit or lean. Really I tell you. This is because I know I need to go the distance to cover 45 minutes and yet not to lie to myself, I will pace accordingly. Sometimes too slow for fear that I may not have the breath to complete or do a proper run.

I ran for the first 3km. This I managed to complete in 21 minutes. After which I had my GymBoss app on. I have programmed 20 rounds of 1 minute and 15 secs rest. So for every 1 minute, I will run. Then when it buzzed for 15 secs, I walked. This I do for 20 rounds which would help me complete the run in 45 minutes. At times I will go the distance and walk in the next round. I mixed it up because if you remember in my last post on skipping I mentioned about the body remembering what we it was doing. At the same time, its like incorporating High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The constant start stop and I really got to run, not jog, would help increase the intensity of the exercise.

Following are the records for Polar FT40.

20140911-ecRun1 20140911-ecRun2 20140911-ecRun3








So after huffing and puffing, I manage to complete the run. 5.97km. This is the table;

Period 45 mins 37 secs
Distance 5.97km
Heart Rate, Average 173
Calories 619 kcal
Fat % of the burnt calories 10%
Fat burn 35 secs
Fitness 45 mins 37 secs








From these, I burned 10% of fats which was similar to skipping although amount of calories burned was much higher. Hence at 10%, a much higher calories was burned in running as compared to skipping. What is annoying is that for the huffing and puffing, 35 secs was spent in the fat burning zone!! Maybe I should have run harder. Maybe when I get my fitness up, I would try this again. In my next post, I will write about the third exercise routine I did which turned out to be the best way to lose weight as I expected.

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