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My Weight Loss Story : 90kg

Mens Health Aries WatchSo I finally got my watch as promised by Men’s Health after being featured in the magazine’s 2013 January edition. Its nice looking but the silver strap is not to my liking. I am still deciding what to do with it. Anyone interested in buying can write to me or submit a comment.

My weight loss has been a point of conversation whenever I meet friends and family members. I can see the awe/surprise/shock/disbelief in their face. Of course, I would be gleaming and expecting praises but unfortunately, being human beings, we rarely think of the good things. “Kau sakit eh?” (Are you sick?)


“Bedek ah. Cakap betul betul.” (Dont bluff, tell the truth.)

This really made my blood boil. Really a no win situation. The truth will be diet and exercise. Then I be thinking they will be thinking I didnt eat and may prolong the conversation as they be the all knowing one.

Then I thought about replying “Yes I am sick.” Then the conversation will be longer like sick from what, then I have to find a disease, then you taking medication, then… it goes on and on and on. I might just say I have cancer and ask for donation.

However, I can understand why people will think that way. Its just how I look when I am thinner. I looked the same way during National Service. All skin, muscles and bones. Those days I was training, playing football, running long distances, swimming laps and boxing almost everyday. Super-human I tell ya. And I do eat a lot those days. I can finish 7 masalah tosai at one go, no problem!

After being posted out to Division, I was bound to a desk and was happy that those “hellish” days were over. I ate, rest and did paper work. My physical exercise was limited to a monthly soccer game and the stairway leading to my office. I noticed that my belly was bulging a little. Still no cause for concern. I remember I had a problem completing a run around the Bedok reservoir. Ah, this is what they call sedentary lifestyle.

Weight Upwards

I got married and it was heaven, my mother-in-law’s cooking I mean. Breakfast was bread, egg and milo. Lunch was a hearty rice plus plus. Not economical rice! Dinner was same and milo for supper. Heaven. Then there was sarbat time. Three times a week, I will meet up with the boys for supper – kuay teow goreng with fried egg, or prata with fried egg. Heaven.

Then one day I screamed “MAKKKKK!!!” My mother in law came rushing into my room. “Apasal?” (What happen?)

“TAK BOLEH ZIP!” (I cant zip my pants.) And all she did was smile and walked away. She walked away!

Still that doesnt stop me from eating. Man, it was heaven. Exercises were few and far between. Laziness was abound. But in my head, my weight was disturbing. Rather the way I look was disturbing. So one October, after Hari Raya, and you know how we all feel guilty after raya, I weighed myself. It hit 90kg! Goodness gracious! I remember a picture of me lying on the bed while on a trip to Langkawi. I tell ya, it was like a beached whale.

TIP: If you are weighing yourself, it means you are FINALLY concern about yourself.

Time To Get Serious

So I decided I had to do something. I cut down my portion of my meals. I still had rice for lunch. My last meal will be before 7pm. I would have bread usually. After that nada. Nothing gets into my mouth except plain water. I remember we had a family dinner at Al-Azhar and I sat there looking at everyone happily eating. And there was no iphone then!

For exercise, I took the stairs everytime I got home. Whether its from work, shop or family outing. No matter how tired, I would take the stairs to eleventh floor. A step at a time then progress to two steps at a time. Then no holding of rails.

In nine months, my weight drop to 80kg! I shed 10kg. I was so happy. Clothes were smaller now and I can zip up. I continued with the dieting – which is portions and no eating after 7 rule. I slowed down taking the stairs as it was taking its toll on my knees. For a couple of years I maintained an average of 80kg.


Then I got fed up looking at an 80kg guy. Still round and with moobs (man boobs). My wife laughed the first time she heard moobs. I digress. I was having a conversation with a friend who was in the same predicament as me. He said that after some time, it was difficult to lose some more weight. I agreed simple because it was comforting. But I know the truth. It can be done. I was only afraid to try – or too lazy.

TIP : The moment you feel that you are afraid of doing it, you know that you are suppose to do it.

Months passed and I was growing fed up and decided I need to lose some more weight. One October after Hari Raya – I know, its always the same time – I weighed. I think it was at 82kg. Its time to do something about it. And this is for our next lesson…hehehe…Sorry ah, it took me 7 days to write this amidst taking care of new born. Next one is the juicy stuff. What I did and ate and where I went wrong. Its all jumble up in my head. I have to put it plainly so that it will be easy for you guys to understand. Anyways, baby going to get up soon. Have to prepare her porridge, milk, water, toys, tv etc.

Just remember this, if you are above 80, at 90 or so, unless its genetics, dropping weight to 80 is doable in a jiffy. Trust me. And I am not the only one to have said this. I really gotta go. Adios.

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