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How much fat does 45 minute skipping burn?

skipping ropeSo before I start growing moobs, again, I decided to get back to my exercise regime after a couple of failed starts. Long story that one.

I also wanted to know for a fact how much fat is really burned while doing different exercises. I’ve read differing numbers in terms of burned calories. Plus my read up while slimming down introduced me to other factors that can help losing weight faster. I will update once I get them as facts although I have seen it already.

I didn’t have any exercise sensor or fitness tracker back then. Now, I’m blessed to have gotten Polar FT40 from BIL on my 43rd birthday. So for all my exercises, I will base on this fitness tracker equipment. Test is done on subject 43 years old, 70kg and 170cm height.

First test is skipping. I got the one with counter. This was how I started my weight lost regime couple of years back when I weighed about 80kg. Skipping was the easiest choice as I used to be a boxer and importantly, I was too lazy to strap on shoes and go out for a run.

In this first fitness exercise, I skipped for 45 minutes. I actually wanted to skip for 30 minutes but decided to prolong skipping for 45 minutes to show a better result. AND YOU NEED TO EXERCISE ABOUT THIS RANGE! You cannot lose weight by exercising for 5 minutes. You may think its easy to skip for 45 minutes. It’s not. My knees creaked, arms strained from all the twisting, shoulder joints sore. Maybe I’m too old.

There were start stop moments due to sporting reasons like rope get caught under my shoes, laces came off and caught the rope as well, tiredness, fatigue sets in.

Not to be outdone, there were the non-sporting reasons like my one and a half daughter decided to be a spectator and then got up to jump as well because she got excited. Like when she tried to reverse herself into me skipping pretending she’s not actually disturbing me ala Mr Bean dancing butt first in the club. Like when she decided to walk round and round of me skipping with crackers in her hands. Like when MIL decided to strike a conversation while I was nearly dying. Like when FIL decided to hang clothes along the corridor. Like when…list never ends.

But it’s good. The stop were no longer than 15 or 20 secs. Semi HIIT, semi plyometric. FYI our body is very clever. It will remember what is happening and record and then when it’s on playback, you will feel like no problem. Actually the body got use to it. If you were to change to something else, you will be surprise at how breathless you can be. For example, a change in direction of your run may cost you some time even though distance is the same. That’s what happen to me at least.

At 15 minutes I hit 1000 revolutions. At 30 minutes I was above 2000 revolutions. At 45 minutes I ended at 3151 revolutions.

These are the snapshots from Polar FT40 training files. Calories burnt look good at 400 plus. This is what you will get if you use those apps on your mobile phones. I use Runkeeper when I started running.

20140908-skipping1 20140908-skipping2 20140908-skipping3








But Polar FT40 is able to show the percentage amount of fat burned during the exercise. So mine is 10%. In the timing page, it shows that for that 45minutes, about 1 minute is used for fat burning. Bloody hell!! The rest was to improve my fitness.

According to the online manual of FT40, in the fat burn zone, you burn mostly fat calories, increase your metabolism, and build a foundation for higher intensity training. That is the key. Intensity. You will know later.

In the fitness zone, you train harder to improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthen the heart, and increase blood circulation to the muscles.

So in a snapshot Skipping for 45 minutes

Period 45 mins 10 secs
Revolutions 3151
Heart Rate, Average 150
Calories 464 kcal
Fat % of the burnt calories 10%
Fat burn 1 min 6 secs
Fitness 43 mins 58 secs





Previously when i was running and using Runkeeper, when i was running up and down labrador park hill, round west coast park, i was so happy to look at calories burnt. But continously wondering how come its taking so long to lose weight. Sometimes it really brings you down. Nevertheless must persevere. You must know that there are fats around your heart, liver and inside your arteries. These need to be burnt as well. These are the things you cant see. Doesnt mean fats under skin only.

Must remember that it doesnt mean you lose weight only during the exercise. Depending on intensity, you will continue to burn fats while you sleep even the day after. Ok enough of rant. Will update on other exercises…when im not tired…heh

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