Amira, your first 100

July 31 0 Comments Category: Test

Dear Amira, Do you remember the day when you came home and proudly showed to me your Maths practice paper for Primary 1? Yes, you scored full marks for that one. I was so happy for you. You were the first to have done it. Baijan highest was 98 in Primary 2. Back when you […]

Disgusted Amira

Abah : So Tok Chu sent you yesterday? Amira : Yes, but I was late! (Looking disgusted) Abah : Late?? How come? You guys left early. (Looking flabbergasted) Amira : At home right, she was looking at her watch and said 11.30. Ok Mira lets go. Then she tell me to be faster. So I […]

Merry February 2011 – Nurul Huda’s Wedding

March 02 0 Comments Category: Nurul Huda

Another one got wed this February. This time is Nurul Huda, cousin from Aunty Fauziah side. This was held on 26th February 2011, exactly two months after Nur Azizah. Although it will be a tough tough day, I enjoyed such weddings as it is a time for get together of all aunties and cousins. It […]

Plaid Hair : Abah PASS

February 15 0 Comments Category: Amira's Hair

When you were born, I made a vow that your hair will not be cut till you are at least 21. So it grew and at times become a talking point especially among the makciks. “Eh eh lawanya” they will exclaim. “Dari beranak, belum potong (Have not cut from birth)” I will at times chime […]