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My Name Is Khan

…and i am not a terrorist…

i finally watched the show. However i was unable to get the subtitles on so i was banking on my minute knowledge of hindi and 99% of human experience to understand the going ons.

i like how it all started. The difficulty in growing up, the move to a modern and sophisticated country, acclimatising to new surroundings and making new friends. I love the part how khan and mandira came together. brings me back to how i met my wife. i honestly thought that the show was all rosy and beautiful.

I didnt know that the show would take a sudden turn of event. When sam died, it was shocking. i took a look at my kids. how would i be if i lose any of them. its impossible to imagine.

as expected, the lost a love one would take its toll on khan and mandira. khan’s journey to meet the president to convey his wife’s message is an eye-opener to the world we live in.

The show is worth the time. i think its 2 hours long. the show brought me to the extreme of emotions. needless to say, i shed several tears – happiness and sadness. luckily, all was asleep. 🙂 the show deserves the awards it won.

i had once thought that i should maybe try and make it in america. after watching the show, im not too sure. if this is what is happening in america – the school, the teachings, the office, the revenge – its an endless cycle. i dont think i fancy staying there. i feel that we are blessed to have a very tolerant population that is made up of various races.

The show reminds me of one of my wishes. things should remain the way they are when its happier.

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