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Cuz’s own Music Video

Its been a long time since I posted a music video. There isnt anything worth mentioning although there is one that I have yet to find the title. As fate has it, I met my long lost cousin, Ahmad Yani and found out what a talented singer he is. So this post is dedicated to his own music video for his single “Sayap Lara”. Proud of you brader.

I know I said the song is not that nice but ive kinda grown into it. Its on repeat mode! Gonna get the wife to have it on my iphone.

One thought on “Cuz’s own Music Video

  1. Thank so much bro… the song is writen by me and for your info the past six season of our local football league is written by me… the song title is Siapa Juara… sang by my group d’putera.

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