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Somehow they learn…

In the lift at 0702 hrs today.

Daughter : Abah, today game or training?

Me : Game.

Daughter : nationals?

Me : Yes. Second round starts this week.

Daughter : Who u playing against?

Me : Today Wellington…

Daughter : [wide eyed – very expressive] You playing Wellington New Zealand???

At this juncture, daddy was smiling, morning dour face lit up, feeling proud…all those times telling her to read newspaper was bearing fruit… But what article would she have read that would have Wellington, New Zealand in it? Finance? Wah! If true, bagus ni! But I dun recall she relating back to me on any money matters from other countries…hmmm

Me : [still smiling] Nooo, the school Wellington Primary. But you know Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. Thats good. [must reinforce goodness]… Then Tuesday we meeting St Gabriel…

Daughter : the church??? Wah! This girl is thinking very well this Monday morning…

Me : [still glowing like a pregnant lady] heh, nooo, it’s a primary school.

The lift door opened, looking chirpy, walked to the car…

Daughter : In the Point of Entry, they said that the money was transferred to Wellington bank in New Zealand.

Suddenly felt a blow…minus the glow

Me : huh?

And the only bloody reason i said huh was because i trying to think which show she was referring to!!! Got confuse with Code of Law. Can la Amira. At least something good came out of watching those shows. Now I shall wait for you to recite some laws.

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