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Amira Sufya’s Mother Tongue Fashion Show

Panji Panji KehormatanSo the day finally arrived. I wish you could see how excited you were. We had been training/practising for the last 3 days. We had to make sure you got the strut, stop, pose and turn correct. Especially the eyes and smile…also world peace.

At 4.30pm, Abah was getting excited. I was constantly checking my phone just in case you called to tell me to bring this or that. I am worried about your hair you know. No call came so I guess all must be okay. I texted Uncle Azman to asked for the time of the function and he said 6.30pm. Hence I made a decision to go at that time after much debate about the actual timing of the event.

By 5.30pm, I was screaming at Baijan telling him to bath quick. On this day, your brother went on hari raya visitng with a few of his friends – which included a dip in the swimming pool. You remember Rifqi salam’ing’ and kissing your hand? He then realised that it was a mistake. Everyone laughed. I didnt see the joke though.

Anyway, your baijan was excited about raya trip because it was he who planned and mapped out everything. Did you know that he TOLD me about it rather than ASKING me about it? I let it slide after getting the information I needed which included him writing down the schedule. Nevermind, that is a story for another day.

Your aunt Eli was home. I asked her whether she wanted to come along. She immediately scoot into her room to get dress. I guess that was a yes. Your grandma was trotting up and down saying that she will go after maghrib. I said it could have ended by then. She called your elder aunt – as usual. Oh yes, on this day, Mak Long got her driving licence on her first try. She was so happy as we all were. Anyway, both of them got ready with grandma continous chattering and wearing and walking all at the same time. I know, but only she could do it.

Bak was in his towels when I invited him. He wanted to come along but prefer to be after maghrib. I told him that if I know the schedule proper, I would fetch him. Your uncle, atta, called asking whether we have left. I said about too. He just arrived from work and waited downstairs.

Your grandaunt called to ask about the show. Your granduncle wanted to come but alas his broken arm doesnt allow him much movement. And when I told you this, you “chided” me for not picking them up. Sheesh!

Abah decided to wear yellow baju kurung and songkok with brooch so that it is easier for you to identify me. You know me, extra extra sikit.

We arrived at 6.40pm and your mum was on her way. The concert had already started when we made our way to the hall. There were many parent who turned up. Then, RIGHT NEXT WAS YOUR EVENT!!! I thought about your mum. She was going to miss this and going to be very sad. I took a video of your performance so did Chu Eli and Amirul. Kalau tak jadi pun tak tahu apa nak cakap.

During the show Ummi texted me about your show. I didnt reply. i didnt want her to be sad by herself. By 7pm, your mum still had not arrived. She told me to “chop” her a seat. I showed her message to Mak Long and Mak Long can only say “Kesian”. Dah macam cerita P Ramlee.

By then, I was told that you were in the canteen. I went down and you came running over. Everyone was so happy that it was a success. You guys even posed in a video for Suria channel.

Your mum finally arrived by 7.15pm. When she found out that she had missed it, she cried. She had ran to the school from the MRT. Bloody client! I just wrapped my arms around her to comfort.

Hot and Spicy Nasi Lemak Dinner TreatThen we were all bloody hungry. After maghrib prayers at Atta’s house, we went to Hot and Spicy Nasi Lemak Restaurant across the road. It was pleasant. The manager introduced himself and you know me, I had to interview him a bit. Then I requested for a P Ramlee movie and Manager turned Bujang Lapok on. They had two widescreen TV hanging. I forgot to ask whether they show EPL – then again, macamlah Abah nak pergikan.

We ordered rice except Chu Eli who had Kuay Teow, you wanted Fish and Chip and baijan, omelete – he think this was Swensens. They really didnt spare the chilli padi for the rice menu though. Your mother spent some time picking them out. Your Fish and Chip came last. We all felt sorry for you because I know you were very hungry and you deserved better after such a successful day. By the way, your grandma was so happy with the place that she dah buat plan nak datang bawak member. Got to ask Mak Long how was the Nasi Lemak she bought for Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Yishun though. That is your Pak Long just in case you are wondering. I call him so many titles and he deserves at least one of them.

That was it then. The day of your first participation in a school event. I am so proud of you that you are able to stand on the stage facing so many people. It’s exactly 4.14am now and Im babbling or slurring. Bak’s alarm clock just went off. If it continues ringing as it had been doing for the last 2 minutes, I suppose I have to creep in and shut it off or else the whole neighbourhood would come over. Good nite my ajoje. Love you.

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