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12 years in the making

Amirul PSLE 2012 resultsMy son, it was 12 years in the making. Remember how u struggle to understand why I was hard on you. The struggle I had to be around each day to ensure all is well. It all came down to this day. The 2012 PSLE result was not what we expected but we should be grateful.

Nani’s cry sums it up. She knows what you had to go thru and she knows what I had to go thru all these years. Mind you, she was there first thing in the morning of 8th October 2000 and now she is here again in another momentus time of your life. Throughout the half of primary 5 and whole of your primary 6, she was our spiritual guidance, asking tonnes of people to pray for you. She will grab anyone that was going to Umrah or Haji and even texted them while they were there to request a squeeze of a prayer. I couldnt begin to list all the other things she did and said. Its just too many. You remember how she took the train all the way from Eunos to deliver salmon to clementi then head home? Too many.

And yes Appa was there as well although he was huffing and puffing going up 6 floors to your class. There were plenty of others who had played a part in your success. Mak and Bak, they fed, bathed and walked you when you were small. Mak look after your well being like a hawk. And when she knew what you scored for your PSLE, the first thing that came out of her, as expected was “Berbaloi Mirul!”. Tsk…And Bak constantly reminds me during raya not to be hard on you. He was constantly asking if the results were out. He would also be the first few to view your report book probably want to see if it was all worthwhile…tsk.

There were tok abah and tok chu, your god-grandparents. They loved and supported you. Tok Teh as well. Your aunties and uncles; Chu Eli, Attar, Mak Long, Pak Long, Mami and Mamu, Kak Kikin and Abang Epul, Abang Yan, Wan and Shereen, all had a hand in your growth. There were plenty more of people. Abang Razif, Abang Khai, Abang Doc, Uncle Moorthy, Uncle Malik and Tok Anjang all smsed me to ask how you did. You see, you are constantly surrounded by “family”.

What I didnt manage to capture in the video was your sister’s cry. She was so happy for you. She prayed for you almost everyday throughout your examination period. This I remember. She did it all by herself. No one prompted her. She told me that she was eagerly waiting for your name to be projected in the school hall. That is how high she look up to you. I remember she looked out of the window and cried when I was angry at you after your prelim results. I asked your mum to speak to her about it and Mira said that she cried because she knows you tried your best but still couldnt make it happen.

Another important person that I didnt manage to capture was your mum. As always, she cried. What else can she do right. What? You want to know why she cried? No no, dont get her started. She is all emotional that she wouldnt know where to begin. She probably relieved about your results and how well you did. Mix in the fact that you are all grown up now and stepping into teen-hood. At the same time, she is carrying you sister who is kicking and turning – probably telling mum to stop crying. I tell you, she was a wreck.

Well my son, we have crossed our first hurdle. Like father like son, we got the same grades. Lets see if we can get your sister to better us.

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