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My multi talented son

Amirul and I got on talking about how his good friend Aedil has lego city or lego cities for his birthday and that one of them was difficult to assemble. He said that he will attempt to do it later.  The conversation went on and on over several aspects of the game/toy. Then after a short pause;

Amirul : Abah, do you think im multi talented?
Abah : Yes of course!

I answered with fervour. You know, a supportive dad, answering truthfully as my mind race to the fact that my son could assemble lego, play football, and that he is in his first “drama” acting as a bad boy in his madrasah iftar show…that was how far my thoughts went when he says;

Amirul : I think so too. Because I can do things most people cant do…………….Except maybe Rowan Atkinson can.

I stared blankly as I drove, waiting for further development. I mean like how many times in my lifetime can this kid make me stumped.

Amirul : Maybe some can do also, you know like I can move my ears.

I know I did ask how many times in my lifetime can he make me stumped. But spare me a day between stumps can?

Abah : (who was opened to the discussion) Rowan Atkinson can move his ears?
Amirul : Yes. Well the movement is much visible then mine.
Abah : You can move your ears?
Amirul : Yes.

And he showed me. My GOD! My son can really move his ears!

Amirul : That plus I can swim, play football, badminton…

Finally a normal boring conversation…

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