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School and Gang

Go school Abah!

Mira : Abah, you must go to hairdressing school?

Abah : Why?

Mira : So when Ummi not home, you can tie my hair straight. Not like this, senget to the side.


Mira : Also you can learn to shampoo my hair…

Little Darlings

Amira : Abah, Miss Tay call me darling in class.

Proud father. Must have thought her well. One out of 40 students being called darling. This is good.

Abah : Wah! That means she must like you. This is good. You are doing good in class. How she call you?

Amira : Darling Amira. She call me darling amira. Or sometime when she dont remember my name, she call me darling.

Oh oh! When she doesnt remember your name? hmmm

Abah : You the only one she call darling?

Amira : No. Darling Seri, darling Pritheeka, darling Nabilah…

Abah : So many she call darling???

Amira : Yeah, the one she says who behave she call darling.

A month later…

Amira : Abah, Im going to the zoo a day after my birthday, first March. But some pupils not going.

Abah : Hhhmmmm How come?

Amira : Only the darlings can go. Those who dont behave cannot go. Miss Tay will not give the forms to them. Even if give she wont bring them. Unless they behave.

Abah : So only the darlings can go?

Amira : Yes, the Gang of Darlings can go.

Alamak! Budah ni dah buat gang pulak!

Abah : Gang of Darlings?

Amira : Yah lah! Me, Seri, Pritheeka and Nabilah Miss Tay call darlings. So we decided to call ourselves Gang of Darlings.

Adrenaline Rush

Amirul had supplementary classes one day. So he had to pass a message to me saying so as I would be waiting outside for him. He sent me an sms from the school. As far as I know, the school doesnt allow handphone being used by students in the school.

Amirul : Abah you know how I sms you just now?

Abah : How?

Amirul : I went to the back of the school, then I look around, I took out the phone and sms you. Then someone came! So I immediately cover it and pretend to look somewhere. When the person passed, I smsed again. Then I quickly put inside the bag.

Abah : Hmmmm How come you didnt go into the toilet to do it?

PAUSE. Amirul gave me a how-come-I-didnt-think-about-that-face.

Amirul : How? Nanti orang masuk.

Abah : You can go inside the cubicle and close the door. Message me and then put it back and leave.

PAUSE. Come on, give me what you’ve got! Give me your best shot! Im ready. You aint gonna get me this time.

Amirul : But its smelly!

Enough said!

Amirul’s theory of why it has been raining lately

Mirul : Its been raining for days.

Abah : Yes I know.

Mirul : It must be because of global warming.

Abah : Why you say that?

Mirul : The sun gets bigger, therefore the earth is nearer to the sun.

Abah : Then?

Mirul : The water from earth evaporate faster.

Abah : Evaporate faster? When does the rain come in.

Mirul : Yelah, then the cloud gets heavy, then it rain.

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