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Exciting end to 39 years

1st January 2011

Its the last month of my 39 yrs of existence. I brought the family out and ended it with a visit to where I grew up at Blk 112 Commonwealth Crescent. Even went to the 10th floor to walk along the corridor. The flat and surroundings look smaller. Or is it because I got bigger. Anyway, instead for joy, brought much more sadness.

28th January 2011

Spurs gave me a 4-0 losing gift. Lagi sad!

1st February 2011

1135hrs : A good friend, Malik bought me probably my last sarbat briyani for the 39 years. Thank you, although of all the table we had to sit, it was number 40! MASYA-ALLAH! I KNOW I KNOW! DUN HAVE TO REPEAT!

Anyway, a couple of friends wanted an INTEGRATION session at Yurake ke Eureka Tepanyaki. That would be ideal last lepak, mata berair session but unfortunately I had to turn them down.

1315 hrs : Best Gift Ever

Caller : Hi, this is Bvlgari from Takeshimaya.

WAAHHHH!! WAH PIANG!!! HAPPY SIOL! Wah somebody remember my birthday and want to do something outstanding! i got surprise gift. Sampai Bvlgari telpon ah. Never happened before. Wah this is the best. Bvlgari from Takshimaya call tau!!!

Me : Yes

Must sound cool. Sound cool brudder. Relax. Action a bit.

Caller : This is Mr Nado?

Me : Sorry you got the wrong number.

Caller : Sorry.

Hang up. BLOODY HELL! That was embarrassing to myself. Lucky got no mirror.

Ring Ring

Same number. Damn it. How many times must say wrong number. Hmmmmm maybe earlier prank. Now the real thing. Just now action only. Hmmm they know my trick. Must patent it. Still got hope. So exciting!

Me : Hello?

Caller : Hello, is this 96444787?

Me : Yes

Caller : This is not Mr Nado Sulaiman?

Me : I wish

Caller : Giggle. Thank you.

Me : Hmmmm

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