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Merry February 2011 – Picnic and BBQ

This year’s CNY fell on 3rd and 4th February which is a thursday and friday. Therefore we had a long weekend once again. The family initially wanted to travel. There was the usual Batu Pahat and then Long suggested we go to a homestay village somewhere near KL. Actually Batu Pahat is also homestay ah kan. But I guess it will be a good to change scenery once in a while. Besides, we will meet up with mother in law’s, Mdm Khatijah, siblings. Some of which I have never met before. So all set then. Everyone was excited. However I know that dear brother in law is not keen on long drive.

“I drive and everyone else sleeps!”

I fully agree. That is what usually happens. However he cant expect his mum or eli (Suhaily) or one of the kids to take over the wheel right. And theres no way he would have his other sister, my wife, drive too. I myself have not entertained the idea of my wife getting behind the wheel.

Therefore a common transport will be ideal. After a few calls, we got a van but it came with a driver. Long was not keen on that and neither was I. I find it very restricted but am willing to go with it demi cintaku pada famili. But we need a big van to accommodate 14 persons. Finally, Long decided that we postponed the trip. I agreed. Some of us were down with one sickness or another. Especially Bak who was unwell that time.

Plan B was mooted and it was the usual picnic and barbecue where else but at spectrum. We couldnt let the holidays slip by unnoticed. The two videos are courtesy of brother in law. Its like our own wonder years show. Has a nice feel and music must change to something upbeat ah kan. I know im 40, but not that old! And no one died!

Family Picnic on 3rd February 2011

Family BBQ at Spectrum on 5th February 2011

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