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How I met your mother : Part 5

It was during this time, that your mother and I flirted. In fact it was much earlier if I recall correctly.

That time, 1994, we were both in school. Your mother was seeing another man, bleerrgghhh! She doesnt join my group much. She had her own group. Maybe she think she was elite than us. Apparently, your mother didnt like me much – so she says. Maybe its because of me that she doesnt join us much. Aleh, action only dont like but she actually wants me. You know, malu malu mahu. ahem

Damsel in Distress
One day, I saw her scooting in and out of the computer lab. Panic was written all over her face. I knew something was wrong as one by one, the top programmers in the cohort were going into the lab. Where was I? Well I was sitting on the bench outside of the lab…chatting with another girl…ahem.

Minutes later, she came out of the lab and said “Ali, can you help me with something?”

???? No excuse me even. Hallo, Im busy “werking”. Nevermind, she needed help. I will help. Action pulak si mamak ni. It was the first time she ever spoke to me and I could be the prince with shining moustache – hey, my middle name is Amir which does mean prince. I gave a smile to the girl I was talking to and told her I be back.

Of course I was mister cool. Rule 89, must walk with a gait. So I walked into the lab with a swagger. As I opened the door, I saw all the top nerdy guys staring at the monitor. You know the squirming faces of trying to be the saviour of the damsel in distress but couldnt. Time was ticking as damsel called for another help. The air of resignation was effervescent from each of them.

As I walked towards the table, they were undaunted. I could see each of them squirming and squinting trying to solve a problem. Tick tock tick tock, shah rukh khan was coming to save the day. Cold sweat was streaming across their faces in the coldness of the air conditioned lab.

“DAMN! She called this malay fella!” I could see the bubble forming above their heads. “Ah! what does he know. Always playing around.” they probably muttered to themselves.

“NEXT PLEASE!” I said to myself. And guess what, the fella wouldnt let me have the chair! I shooed him away and sat.

She had a problem in her project work. The bloody thing wouldnt compile. It keeps giving an error although everything was right. No wonder these guys profusely looking at it and opening every bible they know.

Mister cool rule 101, must make the minimal movement to have an impact.

I stared hard and my fingers were on the keyboard. Not typing. One scroll…two scroll with the mouse. “Ya Allah tolong lah hamba mu ini.” God must have listened.

I went to a line of code and remove the “.” Compiled it and left my seat without even looking at the result…without even uttering a word, i left the lab. Behind me were the wwwoooo wwwaaahhhhh clap clap clap. “STEADY LAH ALI!” was the cry behind me. Although it was good feeling, unfortunately, it came from the guys! WHERE WERE THE LADIES???

I should have lifted my collar, sharp turn with the head back towards them and give a half smile by the side of my mouth, moustache twitching, double raised eye brow. Damn. Rajinikanth would have been proud. Mamak mamak.

I went back to the bench to continue our conversation when your mother came out to thanked me. I gave her a half smile and she left. The others came out to heap praises. Gave them half a smile as well. No biggie. Small matter. ahem. Mamak mamak.

“You solved it I guess.” the girl asked. Nonchalantly, I replied yes and we carried on with our dialogue.

Only then your mother started to warm up to our group and soon she joined us. We had a lot of laughs as the school was ending and everyone knew one another better.

Quiet quiet, fall in love…
It was during the fasting month that I could see a change in your mother’s attitude towards me. She decided to share my plate for breaking fast. I didnt think much of it. A friend wants to share the food on your plate. theres no problem with me. However, one day, everyone at the table started to giggle quietly. It dawned on me that something was happening. Cant be true. Can it?

So I decided to do a test. As usual, she will be the busy one preparing the food for us. Putting this here and there with mouth blabbering constantly..eh ni kat sini…siapa nak ni…put here…ok best…

Just then right before she sat next to me, I stood up and move over to the other side of the table. She stood still. Face paled a little, eyes big big. Then quietly she move to the other side and sat next to me. Achi achi – eh that time makcik makcik. As she sat, she was all smiling once again. Bam! confirm liao! I smiled. Diam diam, jatuh cinta…(credits appear with ramlah ram entering frame to sing)

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  1. Amirul : Abah, eh you write about How I Met Your Mother, atta like to watch this. He watched on star world.
    Abah : This is about how I met YOUR mother.

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